Friday, February 12, 2010

Find What Motivates You (and use it to get organized!)

Let's Get It Started:

Today I thought I'd talk about MOTIVATION. A lot of people say that they want to live a more organized life, but they just don't feel like doing anything about it. Or, they begin a project, then give up after a while. There could be many reasons for these scenarios, but one inherent theme is that if you don't have the motivation, you simply aren't going to do it. And, even more importantly, as with anything in your life, if the motivation doesn't come from within YOU (ie: not someone else telling you that you need to do it), then the likelihood of you succeeding is very slim.

So, if you're having a hard time finding the motivation, here are some ideas to overcome that challenge:

Think about other areas of your life where you actually ARE motivated to do something, and try to tap into that motivation somehow. For example, maybe you thrive on competition. So, create a competition between you and a friend to achieve some organizational goal you've been struggling to tackle. (Maybe even add a little wager of some sort to make it more interesting!)
Tap into the feeling of the end-result. Recall a past time when you achieved something you wanted, and remember how great it felt. If you keep your eye on that feeling, it can drive you to achieve your goal!
Make the project smaller: Maybe the project you want to do is overwhelming to you. Well, break it up into small chunks, and tackle one at a time. The feeling of accomplishing even the smallest of goals can keep you going to do more and more!
Get a 'Clutter Buddy'. If you think getting organized is boring (not me!), then perhaps you need a 'clutter buddy'. This is someone who is NON-JUDGEMENTAL, who can simply be with you while you do the work.
Throw a party! This has worked in my home a lot. Whenever my husband and I have been putting off doing some kind of home-improvement or decorating, hanging pictures, whatever.... we decide to throw a party. That gives us the motivation to finally get it done in time for the party!
And, of course, sometimes you simply cannot find the motivation on your own. Then, tell yourself it's ok to ask for help. That's why businesses like mine exist. We really can help, and as for me personally, I LOVE to help people live easier lives. THAT'S WHAT MOTIVATES ME! Just give me a call at any time for a FREE 1/2 Consultation to discuss your needs and determine if hiring a Professional Organizer is right for you. And, as a side note, quite often, if you're paying to have someone help and guide you, then the fact that you're paying money is enough motivation to get it done in the quickest time possible! (And... you had an expert help you do it the best way possible!)

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