Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Keep that Car Clean

Organizing Tip: Tips for keeping car clutter under control

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During the summer months, we often spend A LOT of time in the car traveling to vacations, BBQ's, swim clubs, the beach, friends/family's homes, sports, and other activities. All this time in the car can create a lot of clutter. So here's are some tips to help you keep your car clutter under control:

GET A TRASH BAG/CAN: The #1 cause of clutter in the car is that there is nowhere to put the garbage! You can get one of those car garbage cans, or simply hang a plastic shopping bag somewhere convenient. Make a habit of emptying it daily or weekly, depending on the amount of trash you accumulate. I personally use a smaller version of this one and love it! I line it with a store shopping bag, and when full, emptying it is a breeze!
USE BINS/BASKETS to contain your items. In the front seat or trunk, use a collapsible container for your 'TO GO' items, ie: items you are returning to stores, or to friends, or items related to errands. Keep another handy basket in the backseat somewhere to hold KIDS TOYS, and activities for the car-ride. You can also use containers in the TRUNK to keep other items, such as sporting equipment, tools, shopping bags, and other supplies. Periodically review the contents of all containers to prevent them from becoming catch-alls for everything, and ensure they only contain the items you need in the car.
NOTEPAD/PEN - keep these somewhere handy in the front (like the side pocket on the door, or in your center console. I don't know about you, but I'm always thinking of things to do, or ideas while driving, so it's convenient to have somewhere to write it down (so it doesn't clutter up my brain!).
VACUUM/SHAKE OFF CAR MATS: Vacuum the car every-so-often if you can (especially after beach vacations!). Between vacuuming you can keep floors clean by periodically shaking out the car-mats.
HANDY ITEMS TO KEEP IN THE CAR: Extra trash bags, grocery bags, first-aid kit, paper towels, tissues, small pad/pens, bottled water, flashlight, car-wipes (for easy dusting and cleaning)
Lastly, ESTABLISH NEW HABITS: Even with the best car-organizing products and systems, clutter will continue to accumulate unless you establish maintenance habits. Make a habit of taking trash out of the car each time you exit. Return items to your home or office daily. Schedule time to get your errands done, so the items don't stay in the car longer than necessary. Do a weekly cleanout. Have your kids be responsible for their items and the area surrounding where they sit. If everyone pitches in, then clutter will remain under control, and you'll enjoy the time in the car much more.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

If You Own It You Don't Need to Keep It

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Today's tip is simply what the above statement says, "Just because you own it, doesn't mean you have to keep it." Quite often my clients will show me an item and say, "I don't know what this is, or how I got it, or why I have it... but I HAVE it, so where should I keep it?" and I say back to them, "Well....just because you HAVE it, doesn't mean you have to KEEP it." We then discuss whether or not the item is useful to them, or if they love it, or if it's simply just taking up space. Quite often they don't realize that just because they own it, doesn't mean they have to keep it. With a change in perspective, they can give themselves the authority and power to get rid of the things in their lives that they don't want, need, or love. Sometimes it's as simple as that. Just giving yourself the authority to say, "I don't want this." Then, go ahead and purge it (donate, throw out, recycle, or give it away.)

So look around your home and office, and find the things that have no true value to you that are simply taking up space, and give yourselves the authority to get rid of them. You'll be left more open space for the really useful things you truly want and value in your life. Enjoy!

Until next time, wishing you an easier life by Organizing With EASE.