Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tax Organizing Time

Organizing Tip: Create a Tax Folder.... NOW!
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Today's tip is a simple one, but saves you lots of headaches when you're getting ready for April 15th. Get yourself a file folder right now, and write "2010 Tax Documents" on it. Now, keep it somewhere handy, near where you open your mail. For many, this is right in the kitchen, and if you're even more organized, you've already got Action Files set up somewhere handy, so you can simply put this new folder right in there. Now, when you get all those lovely end-of-the-year tax documents, you'll have a home for them (I know I've received a couple already!). No more saying, "Oh Gosh...I know this is important... where should I put it so I'll maybe....hopefully... remember where it is at tax time?" By setting up this simple folder, you've established a home for all these important mailings - no more lost tax documents!
Linda English - Owner/Professional Organizer
Organizing With EASE, LLC