Friday, July 1, 2011

Organize your Electronic Cords and Plugs

Organizing Tip: Managing Electronic Gadgets, Plugs, and Cords

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Here's another tip request from one of my loyal readers: "How do I best manage all electronic gadgets and plugs? Like iPhone, iPad, and iPods. Too many plugs and cords!"

Thanks for the question - I think we can all relate to the chaos all these devices can bring. Here are some tips to keep all these items under control:

1) LABEL THE CORDS: Immediately, right out of the box, label each charging cord. You can easily do this with a label-maker - print out a label and wrap it around the cord, pressing the sides together like a little flag. There will never be any question about which cord goes with which device.

2) CREATE 'HOMES'/CHARGING STATIONS FOR EACH DEVICE: All these gadgets and cords can easily be misplaced. Create a standard 'home' in your house or office where the device always gets charged and keep the labeled cord there. If you have multiple devices, keep all the charging cords even more organized by using a charging station like this one: - it looks good on a counter or desk, and functions as both a home and charging location. (Charging stations come in all shapes, styles, and price points. Check out Pottery Barn,, Container Store, office supply stores, etc...)

3) KEEP EXTRA CORDS AND ACCESSORIES ORGANIZED: You can easily corral all the extras in a clear shoebox (don't forget to label the items!), or use a clear hanging shoe organizer like this on the back of a door. Put each item in its own labeled shoe pouch!

4) KEEP ORGANIZED WHILE TRAVELING: A simple way to keep your cords and electronic devices organized while traveling is by using Ziploc-style bags. Or.... try out this fabulous new product called Grid-It which has a multitude of elastic straps to keep your devices and cords in place. Love it!

5) OUT WITH THE OLD: Make sure that when you get rid of one of your devices, that you also get rid of the old accessories too, so they're not cluttering up your space (if they're not compatible with the new device). Please don't throw them in the garbage, though. Click here to get some easy ideas on how to recycle or where to donate your old devices and accessories/cords.

Linda English - Owner/Professional Organizer
Organizing With EASE, LLC