Thursday, April 21, 2011

5 Tips to Organize Your Day Everyday

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Organizing Tip: 5 Things To Do Each Day to Keep Yourself Sane

1. Morning Planning Time: Take 5-10 minutes each morning to review your schedule, to-do's and get ready for your day.

WHY? Without a plan, the day can fly by without getting anything of priority accomplished. Don't waste another day... .PLAN!

2. What's for Dinner? Make dinner plans early in the day (whether it be home-cooked, take-out, or going out - have a plan)

WHY? Having a plan takes away the mystery and stress when dinnertime rolls around.

3. Write new things down: As new tasks, appointments, and reminders pop-up throughout the day, write them down!

WHY? By simply writing things down, you don't have the stress of trying to keep all these things in your head or forgetting something important. "Writing down" means whatever method works for you: a paper calendar/planner, on a central to-do list, or in an electronic device.

4. Enjoy a little 'Me' time: Make sure you take at least a few minutes each day to rejuvenate yourself, eat right, drink plenty of fluids, and get a little rest or exercise.

WHY? If you're go-go-go all day, without a little bit of rest or downtime for yourself, you'll tend to be both mentally and physically exhausted. Don't forget about taking care of YOU! You are more important than any other task on your to-do list.

5. Evening Recap/Planning Time: Take 5-10 minutes towards the end of each day to review your schedule from the day, check-off your to-do's, and plan the next day.

WHY?: You'll sleep more peacefully if you've done your review, knowing you accomplished what you intended to do, rescheduled things that weren't possible to do, and have a game-plan for the following day.

Until next time, wishing you an easier life by Organizing With EASE.

Linda English - Owner/Professional Organizer
Organizing With EASE, LLC