Friday, December 11, 2009


Organizing Tip: Do the "Pre-Holiday-Purge"

So, it's Holiday Time again! Crazy, fun, stressful, peaceful, joyous, challenging.... Yes... All of the above!

One of the best things you can do right now is PURGE PURGE PURGE! Get rid of all the old stuff cluttering up your living space, to make room for all the new stuff that's about to come into your life!

This doesn't have to be stressful, nor a long... drawn out process. Just a quick scan and purge of the obvious.

1) Set aside an hour or two in the next week or so to do this.
2) Just grab two large bags (one for trash, one for donations - maybe white for trash, and black for donations).
3) Go room by room, and just start putting things in the appropriate bags. Go through each closet, the toy bins, the drawers, the shelves, the basement, the attic. Wherever you look, there are probably some easy items you can get rid of to create some open space and room to move more freely.
4) Now, take your two kinds of bags and THROW OUT THE TRASH BAGS immediately. As for the donations bags, you have several options:
Pick your favorite charity and arrange pickup or drop-off.
Give to a friend/relative WHO WANTS/NEEDS WHAT YOU HAVE TO GIVE.
Contact your local town's social services department to see if they can use what you have to give.
If it's clothing, small toys, shoes, etc... you can give me a call - my daughter's gymnastics team is having a clothing drive fundraiser on Dec 13th. I can collect these items from you. Just let me know.
If you just want it gone, you can donate to the Vietnam Veterans of America, Red Cross, Good Will at their drop off locations, or have the VVA come to your house for free pickup: It's easy, free, and tax deductible!
If it's valuable, try selling it on ebay!
Have fun purging! It will feel good, AND you'll be helping some local charities at this wonderful time of year!

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