Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Achieve Success with Simple Disciplines

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One of my favorite quotes is: "Real success is the result of implementing simple disciplines, and practicing them constantly." (or at least consistently) (I wish I could recall where I heard it so I could give proper credit.)

In any event, I really like this quote because it's so true and applies to most things in life, especially organizing. Here are a few simple organizing disciplines that you can apply to your own life.

Simple Organizing Disciplines:
Put away what you take out.
Put items away in the same place each time.
Abide by the in/out rule: When you acquire something new, discard something old.
Keep similar items together.
Write a realistic to-do list each week, and refer to it daily.
Use a single calendar system to plan your tasks, appointments and events. Refer to your calendar daily.
Process your incoming mail/paperwork daily and in the same place each day.
"Weed" constantly (a critical tip from author/organizer Kathy Waddill). In other words.... PURGE a lot!
Clean up after yourself.
Plan your meals and stick to your plan.
File paperwork often.
Getting and staying organized does not have to be so difficult. You can be successful and achieve your goals by implementing some simple disciplines....and practicing them constantly!
Linda English
Organizing With EASE, LLC

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