Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Organize with Zipper Bags!

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How great are zipper storage bags? (such as Ziploc brand). OK, I'll answer - they're awesome: a cheap, effective, durable organizing product. Here are some tips for how to use zipper storage bags around your home and your life:

Use a zipper bag to contain all the loose pieces of board games, like Monopoly, Candyland, etc..

Keep toiletries intended for travel stocked in labeled zipper bags. When you're going on a trip, just grab the bags and go!

Hang a zipper bag on the inside of a cabinet door or on the fridge for keeping coupons. When it's time to shop, just grab the bag and go!

Store off season clothing in large size zipper bag totes.

Home Office:
Put owner's manuals and warrantee receipts in zipper bags labeled by room or other meaningful category. Store the bags in alphabetical order in a file box, basket, or drawer.

Put shoes inside large zipper bags to keep clothing clean in the suitcase.

Put your boating license, boat insurance and registration papers in a sealed zipper bag filled with some air. If the bag accidentally falls overboard, it will float!

If you have to take a short break during a painting project, place the brush into a zipper bag, squeeze the air out and seal. When you resume your painting, the brush will still be wet and ready to go!

Keep a zipper bag in your purse or briefcase to corral all your receipts.

Do YOU have any great ideas on how to use a zipper storage bag? Send me an email and share!


Until next time, wishing you and easier life by getting organized!

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