Monday, February 28, 2011

What's Wrong With My Closet?

Organizing Tip: Closet Redesign - Start a "Need, Wish, Want List"
Then contact or (201) 666-1717 or (800) 304-4848

Wish you had a better layout in your closet? Thinking about a closet makeover or redesign, but don't yet know what you need? Then start now by creating a "Need, Wish, Want List". Post a piece of paper on the door or wall of your closet, and keep a dedicated pen nearby. Every time you're using your closet and it's not working out for you, jot down what's bothering you, and, if possible, what you wish it was like instead. Write down things like:

"I Wish I had more room for my folded clothing"
"I Need a place to keep my suitcase easily accessible because I take frequent trips for business."
"I Want a place to sit down to put on my shoes"
"I Wish I had a better way to store my scarves and belts because they're always landing on the floor"
"I Need hangers that my clothes don't fall off of"
and so on...

Over time, this list will define your goals and tasks to make your closet function better for you. Then, you can either tackle these items one by one as time allows, or plan an entire closet makeover to get the closet of your dreams! Contact:
Linda English - Owner/Professional Organizer
O rganizing W ith EASE, LLC
" Everything Arranged So Easily"

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