Monday, March 28, 2011

Give Up Clutter for Lent

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So, last week, a friend of mine shared her own organizing tip with me. She told me that during the 40 days of Lent, instead of giving up 40 days of chocolate or coffee, she was giving up 40 bags! She is going through her closets, drawers and garage, and getting rid of a bag of stuff for each day of Lent. What a great idea! Imagine how she will feel after those 40 days! This inspired me to write this week's tip....

Organizing Tip: Declutter Your Life By Doing a Little Each Day OK, so you don't have to necessarily commit to a bag of stuff a day, but to begin to make some kind of progress to de-clutter your life, I would suggest you commit to doing SOMETHING each day. On a daily basis, that SOMETHING could be: Each day, pick a drawer and purge* any items not needed (*purge means: recycle, donate, trash, or relocate) Each day, review a folder in your home's filing system and get rid of any papers no longer needed for personal, legal or financial/tax purposes. (be sure to shred any document which contains personal information) Each day, review and purge a shelf in a closet. Each day, have your kids discard an older, unused, or broken toy Each day, review, purge, and clean a shelf of your fridge/freezer Each day, select an item from your wardrobe to donate. Each day, take action on 5 pieces of paper sitting on your counter, dining room table or other horizontal surface. Each day, scratch an item off your to-do list by either doing it, or deciding it's not necessarily important to do anymore. And so on.... So, if you want to make consistent progress to de-clutter, then commit to doing SOMETHING each day - whether it be some of my ideas above, or your own idea. If you commit to doing it, I promise you, before long, your life will be filled with a whole lot less clutter, making room for the people and things you really love and enjoy! Linda English - Owner/Professional Organizer Organizing With EASE, LLC 201-638-9593

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