Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Get Rid of It Even if Fits!

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Organizing Tip! Just Because It Fits Doesn't Mean...

  • you have to keep it
  • you need it
  • you want it
  • you like it
For those that follow my tips, a little while back I wrote one about "Just because you own it, doesn't mean you have to keep it." Well, this one is similar and builds on that same concept. Look around your home. Perhaps there is a piece of furniture that fits in a room, but, you really don't like it, or need it anymore. Maybe it was from your old apartment, or a relative passed it down to you, and you kept it simply because it could fit in your home, but you neither wanted it or needed it.

Or, check inside the cabinets of your kitchen. Do you have extra items that fit, but your never use them? Sure they may be useful, but not necessarily to you. Maybe there are extra mugs, or an old salad-spinner that you thought you'd like to use, but never did. Or perhaps, again, some hand-me-down pots, dishes, or serving-ware that you took because it fit in your kitchen, but you neither need nor like them.

One of the concepts of organizing is to only surround yourself with what you truly love and use. Anything else is clutter. So think about it, if you continue to keep things simply because they fit, not because you need/want/like/love them, they are actually clutter, and over time they will get in the way and prevent you from enjoying the things you truly love and use. Take a look around, make some decisions about these items, and perhaps you can pass them along to a favorite charity or someone you know that could really use them.
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