Monday, January 16, 2012

Post Holiday Organizing

Organizing Tip! One last thing before the holidays are officially over...

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and are doing well so far in the New Year. The holiday time is pretty much over, and perhaps you have, or are just about to, take down your decorations, put away the gifts, and get your home back to 'normal'. But.... I urge you to do one more thing! Write some holiday things down to use as reference for next year.
So, think about the information that may be helpful to you next year, so that you don't have to re-think it all through, start from scratch, or try to remember what you did last year. Some suggested items to write down:
Tips - Who did you decide to tip, and how much? Were you happy with that amount? Did you forget anyone? If so, write it down so you can replicate it next year, or make the appropriate changes.
Teacher Gifts: Again, who and what so you have a reference for next year.
Business/Client Gifts: Who, what, and why?
Family/Friends Gifts: List of who you gave to, why, and what you gave if you think it will be helpful next year.
Decorations: Did you have enough, too much? Write down what you liked/didn't like, what you were missing, or what you really have too much of, and perhaps next year, you can modify your decor, or perhaps purge a lot of it right when you pull it out next year. If you still haven't taken your decor down, then when you do it, I suggest you store items in containers based on what room they go in - clearly label the bins so you don't have to re-think next year (this of course only works if you decorate the same way each year. If you like to change things up, then I suggest you store items based on category of item, instead of room they go in).
Menu: If you hosted a holiday celebration, write down the menu of what you served, and whether or not you'd prepare or order those items next year. If you catered the event, write down who you used, did you order enough, not enough, was it a good variety of food/drink, perhaps the amount of money you spent, etc... Jot down whatever notes that will be helpful in planning next year's celebrations
Once you write all this down (or anything else useful for you), then put it all in a folder labeled "Holidays", and file it away with your other Home and Personal file folders. If you're the electronic type, then you can easily put this all in your smartphone, IPad, or a simple MS Word document. Then, when next year's holidays come rolling around, you'll be armed with all the key info from the previous year, and you won't have to re-think it all through again!

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