Saturday, November 7, 2009

Keep all Passwords and ID's Organized!!

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Organizing Tip: Keep track of Internet IDs & Passwords

Where do you keep track of your various Internet IDs & Passwords? Are they written down anywhere or cluttering up your head? Are there sticky notes stuck all over your computer? What if something happened to you - would your spouse, parents or children know how to access your important accounts? Well, the solution is to create a single home for all those IDs and Passwords.

Here are a couple of suggestions on how to keep track of them:
Get a small notebook and simply write them all down. Keep the notebook near your computer.
Get an address book with the alphabet tabs, and log them in there alphabetically.
Use a Rolodex - add a card for each website and file them alphabetically.
Create a simple spreadsheet in MS Word or Excel and include columns for: website, ID, password, and any other notes you may need. You can then sort the spreadsheet alphabetically or by any other category you'd like.
Good luck and happy web-surfing!!

Linda English
Organizing With EASE, LLC

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