Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January is Organizing Month!

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Organizing Tip: Simple Kitchen Organizing Tips

I'll be at a friend's house tomorrow for a popular kitchen product home party, and I've put together some simple kitchen organizing tips to enhance the party, and get everyone's organizing juices flowing! While the guests drool over the latest greatest cooking gadgets, I'll be helping everyone figure out how to best store all those wonderful items.

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So, in honor of kitchens, cooking, and family meal prep, I offer you the following tips. Enjoy!

Create a central “Command Center” with a calendar to manage the family schedules, and a file system, in/out boxes to manage all the incoming and outgoing mail and family paperwork.
Create a standard grocery list and post it on your fridge or inside a cabinet door, then you can just check-off items as you need them.
Put a phone message pad or small notepad near the central family phone so messages will get written down!
Create a weekly meal plan so there’s never the 6:00 question: ‘What’s for dinner?’
Store ‘like’ items together and create zones for categories like a grocery store, such as baking, spices, entertaining, small utensils, servingware, etc…
PURGE! Keep only what you love and use, and donate the rest.
While preparing meals, keep a bowl handy for tossing waste.
Install pull-out shelves to make it a breeze to access items stored in the back.
Use cupboard shelves or under-shelf baskets to double your shelf space.
Think VERTICAL: Store large cooking trays vertically in a cabinet instead of stacking them in piles that topple over. Use vertical dividers to maintain order.
Find a happy home for every item in your kitchen, not just ‘where it fits’. Catch yourself when you say “I don’t know where to put this, so I’ll just put it here FOR NOW.’ That statement is the #1 cause of clutter.
Store frequently used items in places most easily accessible, and less-used items a little higher or lower. Rarely used items should be stored furthest away.
LABEL, LABEL, LABEL! There will never be the question: ‘Where does this go?’
Periodically declutter and refine your system to keep your kitchen running smoothly!
Linda English
Organizing With EASE, LLC
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