Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Storing Holiday Decor

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Organizing Tip: Tips for Storing Holiday Decor

Well, the holidays are almost over, and in the next week or so, it will be time to take down all our holiday decorations and store them for next year. A fundamental ORGANIZING TECHNIQUE is to store things based on how you will use them in the future. This technique works well for holiday decor. Store your holiday decor in such a way that will make it easiest for you to use it next year.

Here's how:

1. PURGE: Purge any broken items, such as broken ornaments (beyond repair), strings of lights that do not work and that you will not repair, or old decorations that never seem to make it out of the decorations box anymore. Space is precious in all homes, so only store what you will definitely use in the future.

2. Determine your decorating style, then store your items based on your style. Select a style below:
a. You like to decorate each room pretty much the same way each year, then I recommend storing your holiday decor in separate containers by room. ie: have a container for the Family Room, one for the outside decor, a gift-wrap container, holiday kitchen-ware, etc... By storing your items in separate containers by room, it will make it so simple for you to decorate next year. If a room's decor isn't enough to have it's own container, then simply divide the container in layers by using a piece of old gift-wrap or cardboard

b. You like to mix-it-up each year and decorate differently: then store your items by the kind of item it is: ie: all the lights together, all the candles together, all the little items together, all the big items together, all hanging items together, etc.... Then, next year, you can easily see your kinds of items, and can 'shop' from your containers to decorate your home any way you want.

c. You like to decorate with all NEW items each year: Then donate or sell your holiday decor. There's no need to store items you will no longer use in the future.

NOTE: I recommend using clear Rubbermaid/Sterilite style plastic containers for storing your holiday decor.
3. LABEL! Clearly label your containers!! You can use envelope labels, or a piece of masking tape with a sharpie, or this great product:

4. STORE! Put away your containers. Put them in a very out of reach location, like the attic or on a high shelf in the garage or out of the way place in your basement. Just be aware of keeping them away from any location with water/dampness problems.

When the 2010 holiday time comes, you'll be so thankful that you took the time to organize and properly store your decorations!!
Linda English
Organizing With EASE, LLC

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